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R&d engineers


Job title :R&d engineers

Work area :Hua Ming Xin Qu Gong Ming Zhen

Hiring :2

Release time :2015-03-20

Degree required :Above bachelor degree, master's

Professional requirements :Electrochemical and

Job instructions:


Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the development of lithium ion battery positive and negative electrode materials of electrochemical performance study;

2, responsible for the electrochemical performance of lithium ion battery products research;

3, the results of electrochemical research are applied to the materials research and development and marketing support;

Recruitment requirements:

1, bachelor's degree and master's degree, graduated from the electrochemical professional focus, electrochemical or materials during the master's completion is the research direction of subject;

2, in-depth grasp the electrochemical theory of knowledge and technology, lithium ion battery materials related knowledge and characterization technology;

3, and identifying and solving problems, and willing to be engaged in research and development work;

4, have fast learning ability and analysis ability, good communication ability and team cooperation spirit;


The contact:Xiong The manager

Contact phone number:0755-21382889



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